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Due to poor instruments, the survey was run south of the thirty-fifth parallel. The Tennessee legislature officially ratified the survey as the true boundary line; Georgia received the map and the survey notes, and paid the surveyors, but Georgia never officially accepted or proclaimed the inaccurate survey as the true boundary line. In , James Camack, while surveying the Alabama Line, noted the discrepancy that exists between the true thirty-fifth parallel and the survey of the Georgia-Tennessee boundary commissioners, for whom Camack had been mathematician….

In the s… … … and … [further efforts were made]. In , the Georgia General Assembly reopened the dispute of the entire Tennessee line by creating a boundary line committee; however, little was accomplished and Tennessee took no action.

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In , Georgia passed acts: 1 authorizing a committee to look into the matter, and 2 authorizing the Attorney General of Georgia to bring suit in the Supreme Court if the committee could not resolve the dispute. In response, the Tennessee Governor met with the Georgia committee, but nothing final was resolved. Between and several Governors of Georgia contemplated authorizing the Attorney General to bring suit, but none did. In , the Georgia General Assembly enacted a joint resolution calling for the Governor of Georgia to communicate with the Governors of Tennessee … for the purpose of resolving the boundary disputes …[and] creation of the Georgia-Tennessee Joint Boundary Line Commission.

Hood, who is now with the U.


That agreement had been suggested by the U. Court of Appeals for the D. Gaines, were commissioned by Georgia and Tennessee to survey the 35th parallel north latitude in order to fix the boundary between the two states. Had they done their job well this case would not be before us.

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Due, however, to poor instruments, the Camack-Gaines line ended up roughly one mile south of the 35th parallel. While Georgia did not ratify the survey, Tennessee did.

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To this day, the Georgia Code defines the boundary between Georgia and Tennessee as the 35th parallel, while the Tennessee Code insists that the boundary is 35th parallel as found by Camack and Gaines, that is, the line one mile south of the parallel. The result is a strip of land which has been claimed by both states for years. Citizens in the area live with numerous anomalies—real estate taxes may be paid to both states, people may go to school in one state while paying taxes in another, and so on. From this historical record, it is clear that Georgia has repeatedly protested the erroneous survey line as the state boundary.

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This conclusion is further supported by New Jersey v. Delaware, U. There is no room in such circumstances for the application of the principle that long acquiescence may establish a boundary otherwise uncertain…. Acquiescence is not compatible with a century of conflict. In New Jersey v. About VIAF. Atlantic and Pacific railroad.

Diary of a journey from the Mississippi to the coasts of the Pacific with a United States government expedition. A pathfinder in the Southwest; the itinerary of Lieutenant A. Report upon the Indian tribes : Route near the thirty-fifth parallel, under the command of lieut.

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Whipple, topographical engineers, in and Reports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. In western Oklahoma Whipple reported passing through "the prettiest country in the world for a railroad. Whipple initially overestimated the cost of railroad construction, causing his report to be partly discounted despite his route's practical and political advantages.

The Pacific railroad thus did not employ his route through Oklahoma, although minor rail lines did follow part of his path. Extensive white settlement in Oklahoma also eventually followed in the expedition's wake. A favorite of Pres. Abraham Lincoln, though now largely forgotten, Whipple achieved the rank of major general in the U.

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Army during the Civil War. He died in Washington, D. Grant Foreman, ed. Mary McDougall Gordon, ed. Eugene C. Muriel H.

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