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As the book ignores the Pareto principle, it is not the best choice for students with limited time for preparation. Moreover, some questions are way too difficult and do not accurately depict the level of questions you are likely to encounter on the actual SAT.

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Though the book is not updated for the new SAT pattern, it is still important to have a look at its contents at-least once as it gets you thinking about SAT in the right way. It also stresses the importance of quickly eliminating wrong answer choices as a way of saving time. Notwithstanding the good strategic advice the book contains, it lacks the fundamental content to correct mistakes or explain a particular topic. Hence, it is a good supplementary material but not a standalone book to go with.

It is a good introduction for students who want to warm-up to the test without deep-diving into the details. It serves as a question bank for the folks who are just starting with their preparation. If you want to learn the SAT Math in entirety, it is a very good book. It has material to cover the topics in detail, strategies to tackle the test questions, and ample practice sets.

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The verbal section is also pretty good, yet some of the verbal advice is way off-the-mark. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff with this one. Mathematics is the strong point of this book, and enough care is taken to teach basic concepts and strategies. However, the verbal section is lacking and could be avoided altogether. Some buyers felt there is not enough cohesion in a typical essay, and the reader might end up learning the wrong things.

Apart from the official SAT Study Guide, all the major test preparation companies have their offerings too, and the short-listing of the best ends up being a confounding phenomenon. When you're gearing up for the SAT, everyone could benefit from a few test-taking tips.

And every test-taker needs something different from an SAT prep book, but the best ones have certain things in common: high-quality practice questions, detailed answer explanations, helpful test-taking strategies, as well as targeted practice for what you most need to improve. Want nothing but practice questions? Each practice question is accompanied by a detailed answer explanation and a fleshed-out description of the relevant concepts and skills to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses. The book also includes a grammar review, practice essay questions and sample responses and a full-length practice test.

Notably, the practice questions in the book are organized by difficulty — getting progressively difficult as you complete more of them — which will help you understand exactly how far along you are in your SAT prep progress. The comprehensive SAT math guide includes a rundown of every single SAT math concept you might need to know for the test, from the broadest and most common to tricky, obscure quantitative skills.

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Upwards of practice questions and detailed answer explanations will help you hone in on your particular math-related weak spots. The examples of each SAT math question type are particularly helpful, as even if you understand a concept in the abstract, you might not recognize the way it shows up on the SAT.

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The College Panda authors also delve into each of the most common traps and mistakes students make on the exam, to help you avoid them yourself as you prepare for the SAT math section. The writing templates provided by the authors are flexible and can be adapted to nearly any SAT essay prompt, while the analysis sections will help you approach any essay prompt with confidence. The paperback edition of the New SAT Essay Practice Book includes over practice exercises and drills and essay mastery exercises, so prepping for the essay can be seamlessly integrated into your overall SAT prep.

Do you struggle with the SAT reading passages? Have a hard time getting through them quickly or knowing where to find the relevant information in a passage? This book goes well with the official resources from The College Board, as it references the official SAT practice questions frequently.

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Even if you consider yourself an English whiz, SAT grammar can be tricky. A prep book that offers a detailed SAT grammar review can be a big help in this respect. Erica L.