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Genre : metalcore.

Architects - Phantom Fear - Music Video (Unofficial)

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Sign up. Don Cort, despite his four phantom stars, was telling himself he must not let these middle-aged men make him feel like a boy. Soon these phantom lakes began to flood the prairie with a wavering shimmer. As each man took his place in the line, the Phantom gave him a quick appraising glance. The Phantom turned away and walked a few paces toward the fence. RELATED WORDS hallucination , nightmare , daydream , haunt , apparition , spirit , delusion , dream , revenant , illusion , figment , chimera , shade , spook , mirage , shadow , phantasm , specter , vision , wraith.

Nearby words phantasmagoric , phantasmagory , phantasmal , phantast , phantasy , phantom , phantom circuit , phantom corpuscle , phantom limb , phantom limb pain , phantom pregnancy. Synonym study 1, 2.

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See apparition. Examples from the Web for phantom The sanctuary the phantom callers promise comes with a price.

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